download the installer here: UDKInstall-Reveal.exe

(225 MB, requires 350 MB to play. PC compatable only.)

System Requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or better, 4 GB RAM, NVidia 8000-series card or better.

Reveal is a short, experimental first person game that uses transforming space to explore perceptions of the human body. Take the lead in this physiologically-intense performance on a stage set for one. Watch as layers of knowledge and emotion slough off in swaths of paper and splinters of wood. Grab hold of your surroundings and rouse them to life. What you uncover will disturb, titillate, and reveal something unseen within yourself.

  • Material-driven animations breathe life into the world.
  • Fully-destructible physics environment.
  • High-resolution visuals that take full advantage of the Unreal3 engine.
  • Fuck it, we're making make an artgame!
  • So pretentious, we make Jason Roher look like David Jaffe!
  • Impress other hipsters with knowledge of this tragically obscure, unfunded, arthouse thing.
  • With original score by orchestral composer Patrick O'Malley!
  • And custom sound by SIRA sound designer Tim Liedel!
  • Soon to be the next failing kickstarter campaign!!!
  • Credits:

    Design and art by Marie Lazar website

    Programmed by Mike Prinke website

    Audio design by Tim Liedel

    Music composed by Patrick O'Malley website

    check out the dev blog at


    Production Art

  • Music

    Download a sample of the soundtrack here

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